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Halotherapy: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Halotherapy is a relaxing salt therapy that aims to improve your breathing — and it stems from the centuries-old alternative wellness practice of visiting salt caves for respiratory health! Here’s what you should know about halotherapy and its fascinating story so far.

The History of Halotherapy

This practice goes back hundreds of years to when people
would visit natural salt caves to protect against lung problems. Miners who worked in salt caves didn’t suffer from the respiratory ailments that others did. This started driving tourists from around the world to visit salt caves to heal and protect their airways.

How It Works

During halotherapy, you sit in a room with a halogenerator machine. This machine circulates tiny salt particles throughout the air in the room. As you relax and unwind, you breathe in the salt and reap the benefits of this healing practice. There are many health benefits to salt therapy.

Health Benefits

Many people use halotherapy for upper respiratory problems. While this is not a cure-all, this practice can alleviate some symptoms and create an easier breathing experience for you.

Some of the health benefits of halotherapy include:

  • Clears mucus from your airways

  • Fights infection-causing bacteria

  • Anti-inflammatory effects

  • Boosts immunity

  • Improves allergy symptoms

These benefits are sure to improve the way you feel after halotherapy. This treatment can help prevent respiratory infections and seasonal allergy attacks.

Halotherapy at an Ormond Beach Day Spa

When you’re visiting an Ormond beach day spa, perhaps enjoying a relaxing Ormond massage, consider adding halotherapy to your visit. This protective airway treatment has plenty of benefits, even if you don’t struggle with respiratory problems. It’s always good to keep your airways healthy before problems strike. 

Halotherapy is a relaxing practice that keeps your lungs comfortable and healthy when you need it most. 


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