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6 Reasons to Try a Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages foster an internal environment of healing. From the first spread of their deep heat to the last whispers of their warm relief, this technique is an immersive experience you don’t want to miss. Here are six reasons to give it a try.

Relieve Pain

Whether you suffer from chronic migraines or an acute injury, hot stones offer instantaneous relief to your troubled, aching nerves. This treatment also relieves pains associated with muscle spasms, sprains, and pulls

Reduce Muscular Tension

Melt away the tension behind poor posture, TMJ, and the daily buildup of strains and tweaks that have been tightening in your neck, shoulders, and back. Open a wider range of movement and gain deeper manipulation access while also removing toxins.

Improve Circulation

The natural stimulation of heat can aid the body’s cardiovascular system through better blood circulation, lower heart rate, and decreased blood pressure.

Shorten Healing Time

With strategic spinal and lumbar placements, hot stone massages can align your chakras, encourage faster soft tissue healing, and allow for energy movement and cleansing. Whether you prescribe to the ways of Reiki healing or not, your mind, body, and soul will seem lighter and more unified after this massage.

Decrease Stress

Pamper your mind and body at a wellness spa to reduce stress, worry, and anxiousness. Enhancing your experience with hot stones stimulates relaxation and encourages a healthy sleep cycle.

Manage Diseases

As a physician prescribed form of complementary and alternative medicine, hot stone massage can lessen symptoms of chronic disease states.

Promote Whole Body Healing at a Wellness Spa

A wellness spa offers a pure and holistic environment as the backdrop for your health journey.

Even if you’ve had other massages in Ormond Beach, there's no deeper healing or more holistic touch than surrendering yourself to the benefits of a hot stone massage.

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