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Swedish Massage

A true spa staple, the Swedish Massage is a classic for a reason! Characterized by smooth movements, gentle muscle rolling and circular pressure, this massage is all about relaxation, and is less intense than our deep tissue massage. It helps to improve circulation throughout the body, relieving tension and leaving you feeling lighter and more limber. For special occasions or weekday recharges, the Swedish Massage is a truly versatile option. 

30 mins     $40          60 mins     $70          90 mins     $110        


Deep Tissue Massage

Feeling tense? Our Deep Tissue Massage features a combination of firm pressure and deep, targeted movements for a truly invigorating experience. This massage can be used to help soothe specific problem areas, such as chronic pain and sports injuries. The Deep Tissue Massage’s thorough approach makes it popular among those who crave intense, targeted relief when they need it most. 

30 mins     $45          60 mins     $85          90 mins     $125


3 60-minute treatments          $240

5 60-minute treatments          $380

3 90-minute treatments          $350

5 90-minute treatments          $560


Hot Stone Massage

Our Hot Stone Massage heals as it relaxes, providing the perfect way to unwind and relieve muscle tension. By applying gentle heat to your body’s surface, our stones can help alleviate knots inside and promote healthy blood flow—an integral part of wellness. Walk away feeling recharged and renewed from the inside out, with the heat’s healing effects lasting long beyond your massage.  

60 mins      $115          90 mins.....$155          120 mins     $230         Couple   $220 


Couples Massage

Craving some quality time with your partner? Any of our massages can be enjoyed as a Couples Massage, providing you and your loved one the chance to enjoy a personal getaway on special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays or just-because dates. Relax and recharge together, and accentuate your experience with an aromatic Couple’s Flame or any one of our lux touches—whichever way you unwind, it’s sure to be a rewarding experience for you both.

60 mins      $120          90 mins          $220


Reap the many benefits of Halo Therapy while getting a massage in the Himalayan Salt Room.

Add an Additional $45 for Massages in the Salt Room to massage prices above.


Available add on options: (per person price)

$15  Add your choice of Aromatherapy scent to your massage

$20 Himalayan Foot scrub

$15  Himalayan Hand Scrub

$25 Himalayan Foot Bath, soothe your feet in a foot bath using Himalayan Salt Bath

$20 Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, breathe in & relax with our customized scalp massage using aromatherapy oils.

$25 Basalt Hot Stones, melt away stress by adding hot salt stones to your massage.

$25 Himalayan detox Salt Stone

$35 Silicon cupping


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