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     Welcome to the new Himalayan Wellness Spa Esthetics! Here we work on revitalizing your skin and cleaning up any unwanted hair. In Florida we are all either roasting under the sun or drying up like a desert in the colder months, because of this, we can always find ways to help the largest organ in our body stay healthy!  Our facials and back treatments will be personalized depending on your specific needs. 

Himalayan Wellness Esthetic Menu


60 minutes Classic Wellness Facial-      $55


60 minutes Himalayan Back Treatment and Scrub-      $70




L.E.D. Light Therapy (adds 10 minutes)- $15

Hot Stones - $5



Underarm- $10

Arm-           $15

Half Leg-     $30

Full Leg-     $45

Bikini-         $35

Brazilian-   $55

Chest-           $40 

Back-            $50

Brows-        $15

Lip/Chin-  $8

Eyelash and Brow


Eyelash Tint-     $30

 Eyebrow Tint-   $20

Lash Perming-  $55

Perm/Tint-         $80


Classic Extension Full Set-      $100

Hybrid Extension Full Set-      $130

Volume Extension Full Set

3D-      $160

4D-      $185

Retouch after two weeks-      $40

Retouch after three weeks-   $60

Retouch after four weeks-     $80

Extension Removal-                $20